Request for Books, etc.

This form is intended for use only by members of the Friendswood Library to request inter-library loans.  Keep in mind that multi-media items are more difficult to obtain, so requests for those materials may not be successful.  If you include an e-mail address with this form, you will receive confirmation of the request.  Otherwise, the reference staff will notify you when they have obtained the item, or when they deem the search to be unsuccessful.  These requests are processed daily. 

If you wish to reserve an item already in the collection or to see if the library owns the resource you seek, please check the library catalog.  On-line requests can now be accepted.  All you will need is your library card.

Please complete every field.  Your e-mail address is not automatically included with the request. If you do not supply it, the library will be unable to respond.


Which of the following are you requesting?


If you need this item by a specific date, please enter it below.

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Enter the title, author, and any other information that you think may help the reference staff locate your item.

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